Zimbabwe Week 25

Crisis? What Crisis? - Cathy Buckle.

Govt must urgently address health sector crisis.

Brain drain hits Mater Dei Hospital.

The roots of Ukraine war: A rebuttal of Chando assertions.

‘It’s too late for diaspora voters’.

Govt further tightens noose on NGOs.

Lord Oates Exerts Pressure On International Community To Resolve Zim Crisis.

Maybe Zimbabweans are okay with their suffering!

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Emergency repairs for Chikandakubi
Emergency repair for Chikandakubi and two neighbouring villages.
Follow Up Rehabilitation (2)
Second part to the follow up project funded by Impazz Maintain. Rehabilitation of 10 boreholes in Umguza District.
Rehabilitation in Umguza District
Phase one of a project rehabilitating 28 boreholes: 12 boreholes in Umguza District.
Follow Up Rehabilitation
Follow up to the pilot project for rehabilitation of non- or poorly working boreholes, funded by Impazz Maintain.
Rehabilitating 14 boreholes
Providing clean water for 20 communities in the Hurungwe District

Mpilo means ‘life’. Life that largely depends on the accessibility of basic needs. Mpilo Foundation mainly focuses on Zimbabwe. Almost a third of households have to walk for half an hour to fetch water. Only a third of all households have electricity, a number that drops to just 10% in the rural areas. Solar energy is sustainable. Electricity means light. Light provides safety in the dark. Electricity also means contact with the outside world. For instance, it allows locals to charge their mobile phones. And many people in Africa use their mobile phone to generate a source of income.

The four criteria

Mpilo Foundation uses four criteria for its projects to make sure all help provided is successful and durable. These criteria help us provide sustainable solutions.

Sustainable facilities

Small-Scale projects

Local Involvement

Annual Visits

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Mpilo Foundation is recognized by the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).