In Zimbabwe is a lack of clean water and electricity. Women and children have to walk for miles to get (clean) water and the power grid is absent or unreliable. We help schools, children’s homes and remote villages achieving clean water and electricity using Solar Energy.

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You can help us provide water and ernergy to Zimbabwe by donating. Making a donation is possible through the donate button below or by directly transferring money to our bank account (details below) in the name of Stichting Mpilo Foundation. Your gift is tax deductable for the Dutch tax authorities (conditions apply). For any questions about your donation and donating as a company, please contact us.

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Bank Account Details

IBAN NL98 RABO 0331 8112 35
in the name of Stichting Mpilo Foundation.

Albert Nijland, MD PhD, Chairman
Jaco van den Hoek, MD, Secretary
Berto Broeksema, Treasurer

The four criteria

Sustainable facilities

We don’t give money, but we support projects with sustainable solutions for water and electricity, using Solar Energy.

Small-Scale projects

First we visit a project to establish need and necessity. We also look at the transparency and stability of the project organization.

Local Involvement

We prefer to work with local suppliers for the facilities. We also provide local guidance on implementation.

Annual Visits

We return to our projects every year. We discuss progress together with the organization. We remain involved for 3 to 5 years.

Legal documents

Please find any legal documents pertaining to Mpilo Foundation here.


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+31 6 5464 5855

IBAN NL98 RABO 0331 8112 35
Stichting Mpilo Foundation

KvK: 72254750
RSIN: 859048330

Mpilo Foundation is recognized by the tax authorities as a General Benefit Organization (ANBI).