In Zimbabwe there is a lack of clean water and electricity. Women and children must walk for miles to get drinkable water and the power grid is absent or unreliable. We help schools, children’s homes and remote villages to obtain clean water and electricity using Solar Energy technologies.

PBO (Anbi)

Mpilo Foundation is recognized by the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst) as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO, or ANBI in Dutch). Donations to Mpilo Foundation may be tax deductible (conditions apply). For more information, consult the Belastingdienst website.


Every donation, however small or large, will be put to good use to help the people in Zimbabwe. Use the button below to find out more.

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Light and Safety for Hotel Village
Electricity for Pelandaba Skills Centre
Pilot: Solar Installations for Two Primary Schools
Albert Nijland, MD PhD, Chairman

From 1984-1987 Albert Nijland worked as a tropical doctor at the Mpilo hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. In 1991 Albert was a ‘Registrar-Lecturer’ at the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA), near Pretoria, South Africa. As a volunteer he has always remained connected to Africa.

In 2018 Albert, with the active involvement of Jaco van den Hoek and Berto Broeksema, founded the Mpilo Foundation, with the aim of specifically providing support to the rural population in Zimbabwe in the field of water and energy.

Jaco van den Hoek, MD, Secretary

Jaco van den Hoek has been a pediatrician at the Saxenburgh Medical Center since 2001. In the Netherlands we know unprecedented luxury and prosperity, which contrasts sharply with the situation in many other places in the world, including Zimbabwe. We cannot close our eyes to this and that is the motivation for me to make an effort for the Mpilo Foundation.

Berto Broeksema, Treasurer
Berto Broeksema has been working as a manager in the healthcare sector since 1992. Despite the fact that we often grumble about the health care system in the Netherlands, I think we have a very good life in this country. The situation in Zimbabwe, on the other hand, is simply appalling. I take it for granted that I invest time and energy in a country like Zimbabwe, in addition to my regular work. Organizing water and energy in the poorest areas. Basics that we hardly think about. But a well makes a world of difference!
Gift Sanyamahwe, projects director in Zimbabwe

Gift Sanyamahwe is a 25-year-old self-motivated entrepreneur who is into piggery and crop farming, he has also worked with the Inspire Women Men and Children trust on several development projects and trainings with rural communities of Umguza District. He is also a family man, married to Sandile Sibanda with one baby boy, Zayne Athandwe, who is 5 months old.

The four criteria

Sustainable facilities

We don’t give money, but we support projects with sustainable solutions for water and electricity, using Solar Energy.

Small-Scale projects

First we visit a project to establish need and necessity. We also look at the transparency and stability of the project organization.

Local Involvement

We prefer to work with local suppliers for the facilities. We also provide local guidance on implementation.

Annual Visits

We return to our projects every year. We discuss progress together with the organization. We remain involved for 3 to 5 years.

Legal documents

Please find any legal documents pertaining to Mpilo Foundation here.

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Mpilo Foundation is recognized by the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).