Founded in 2018, Mpilo Foundation has set itself the objective to provide schools and villages with clean water and electricity. conditions are often harsh and we strive to improve these circumstances out of a sense of connectedness and compassion with the people in zimbabwe.

Mpilo Foundation’s founder Albert Nijland and his wife Ellen have lived and worked in Zimbabwe from 1984 tot 1987. Albert was employed as a tropical doctor at the Mpilo hospital in Bulawayo, Matabeleland district’s largest city. A sense of connectedness with Zimbabwe has always remained.

Our work is based on commitment and personal relations. Over the past years, valuable contacts with heads of schools and villages and local populations have been formed. Because of our annual visits, our network has expanded and  strengthened. These visits help us to get a good sense of local circumstances. Equally important are our associates in Zimbabwe, who facilitate assessment, preparation, and execution of projects.

In addition to personal relations, we make sure each project is sustainable and worthwile. This necessitates assessment beforehand of the community impact a new or rehabilitated borehole will have. An important factor is continuity after the project has been finished. Communal responsibility for the facilites realised promotes this: villagers are asked to contribute a small amount and a water commission is established to ensure care and maintenance.

So far, we have provided more than 50,000 people with access to clean water or electricity. Mpilo Foundation will continue to aid the people in Zimbabwe.

Matabeleland (orange) and Bulawayo (blue dot)

Board & Associates

board & associates

mpilo foundation

Albert Nijland, MD PhD, chair 
Albert Nijland has worked as a tropical doctor at the Mpilo hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe from 1984 to 1987. In 1991, he was a Registrar/Lecturer at the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA), near Pretoria, South Africa. As a volunteer he has always remained connected to Africa.
Jaco van den Hoek, MD, secretary 
Jaco van den Hoek has been a pediatrician at the Saxenburgh Medical Center since 2001. He recognizes the sharp contrast between the unprecedented luxury and prosperity in the Netherlands and the situation in many other places in the world, such as Zimbabwe.
Berto Broeksema, treasurer
Berto Broeksema has been working as a manager in the healthcare sector since 1992. He is struck by the difference between the health care system in the Netherlands and the situation in Zimbabwe, on the other hand, which is simply terrible. The importance of investing time and energy improving these circumstances seems obvious.

Jossy van den Boogaard, General board member

Jossy worked as a medical doctor and researcher in several African countries between 2006 and 2014. The profound impact of poverty on a person’s chances to thrive in life has always greatly affected her. Mpilo Foundation’s core value fits this well: access to water and electricity makes one live and learn!

Joel Kasunungure,
country representative

Joel Kasunungure is passionate about providing basic needs to underdeveloped villages. He is a board member of iMpilo Zimbabwe Trust.

Gift Sanyamahwe,
project manager
Gift Sanyamahwe is an entrepreneur in piggery and crop farming. Has he worked with Inspire Women Men and Children in Umguza.

Charity Ngwenya nee Gumbi

Charity Ngwenya nee Gumbi is highly motivated when it comes to helping people Just like her name. Having studied development studies she enjoys working with  those in need.

Angel Dube
Angel Dube is involved in Information Management and Community Development. She is commited to aiding vulnerable groups in society
Ellen Nijland-Demmer
Ellen Nijland has lived with Albert in Zimbabwe and stood at the cradle of Mpilo Foundation. Her contacts with Zimbabwean women are invaluable.
Laban Thimo
Laban Thimo strives to promote renewable energy and is currently a PhD candidate at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.
Ivona Birlad, coach I-DO team
Ivona Birlad is a student at Rotterdam School of Management. She coaches a team of I-DO students and is involved with social media
Thulani Gumbo,
Matabeleland representative
Thulani Gumbo was born in a rural town in Lupane and went to primary school in Sibangani. He currently works as an entrepreneur in Victoria Falls.
Wouter Nanninga, graphic designer
Wouter Nanninga is the graphic designer for Mpilo Foundation and as such responsible for its ‘face’, logo and website among others.
Muke Chitiga
Muke Chitiga was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in the Netherlands. He has experience in hydrology and water management and hopes to change lives through technology.
Kudakwashe Mwamuka

Kudakwashe Mwamuka has a background in Political Sciences and holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs. He is trying to effect positive change, inspired by the joy on people’s faces.

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I Do: involving students with mpilo foundation

collaborating for a positive impact

With its I DO program, Rotterdam School of Management (part of Erasmus University) partners a globally operating NGO with a number of International Business Administration students for a year.  

The students are involved with, among others: 

  • Brand Awareness & Social Media
  • Fundraising
  • Internal structure of Mpilo Foundation
  • Execution of projects by Mpilo Foundation

Students are invited to engage with the board about these topics, and to get involved by executing tasks themselves. Apart from Mpilo Foundation, five other NGO’s take part in the I DO program.

students 2021/2022

Flore Frenay
Axel Hoffmann
Carlota Martinez-Avial
Joaquin Martinez-Sosa
Carmen Pinho
Ivona Birlad (coach)

students 2020/2021

Ivona Birlad
Malena Ullrich
Gehna Khurana
Francisco Zumbado
Alexander Rasche
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Stichting Mpilo Foundation

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RSIN: 859048330

Mpilo Foundation is recognized by the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).

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