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You can help us provide water and energy to Zimbabwe by donating. Making a donation is possible through the donate button below or by directly transferring money to our bank account (details below) in the name of Stichting Mpilo Foundation. Your gift is tax deductable for the Dutch tax authorities (conditions apply). For any questions about your donation and donating as a company, please see the FAQ below or contact us.


You can set the donation amount in the payment screen.

Your payment will be processed by Mollie Payments and will appear on your bank statement as ‘Stichting Mpilo Foundation via Mollie’.  Per donation, a small fee is charged.

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Bank Account Details

IBAN: NL98 RABO 0331 8112 35
Beneficiary: Stichting Mpilo Foundation

Donations to our foundation will be used to realise our mission:

The (temporary) material and immaterial support and advice to people in situations of poverty or hopelessness due to lack of water, electricity and/or health to promote self-reliance and independence in Southern African countries, including in any case Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Besides donating you can be involved with the foundation as a volunteer.

In 2022, the Mpilo Foundation will start several volunteer programmes, creating a secondary network of volunteers willing to donate their time and energy to the foundation. Volunteers will be involved in promoting the foundation, finding creative funding methods, learning about Zimbabwe’s problems, and achieving their own goals.

If you want to volunteer, please send us your details and any specific wishes on our contact page.

In 2020 less than 1% of your donation went to overhead costs, which mostly consisted of bank and transfer related costs.

In 2021 a maximum of 10% of your donation will go to overhead costs. This means that 90% of your donation will directly be invested in realising our mission.

Yes! You can transfer the donation to IBAN (International Bank Account Number): 

NL98 RABO 0331 8112 35
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): RABONL2U.
 Stichting Mpilo Foundation

For direct transfers in GBP and USD please contact us.

Yes! Due to our Public Benefit Organization/Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling status the Mpilo Foundation does not pay Dutch inheritance tax or gift tax on donations.

Additionally, Natural and Legal persons making donations to the Mpilo Foundation may deduct their gifts from their Dutch Income tax or corporate income tax. Read more about what a Public Benefit Organization is here.

Mollie Payments is one of our payment providers which take care of digital payments.

Mollie is supervised by de Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank) and payments will only be made to Mollie Payments escrow account: STG Mollie Payments. This means that even in case of bankruptcy the Mpilo Foundation receives its donations.

You can also use direct bank transfer. You can transfer the donation to IBAN (International Bank Account Number): NL98 RABO 0331 8112 35. The BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of our bank is: RABONL2U.  Beneficiary: Stichting Mpilo Foundation.

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current projects

Emergency repairs for Chikandakubi
Follow Up Rehabilitation (2)
Rehabilitation in Umguza District
Follow Up Rehabilitation
Rehabilitating 14 boreholes

Past projects

Pilot: 6 boreholes
Hand Washing Project
Light and Safety for Hotel Village
Electricity for Pelandaba Skills Centre
Pilot: Solar Installations for Two Primary Schools
+31 6 5464 5855

IBAN NL98 RABO 0331 8112 35
Stichting Mpilo Foundation

KvK: 72254750
RSIN: 859048330

Mpilo Foundation is recognized by the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).