water is life. light is safety.


There is a shortage of clean water and electricity in Zimbabwe. Women and children have to walk many miles to fetch water and the power grid is either absent or unreliable. Due to inflation, food and medicine have become unaffordable. In Zimbabwe, poverty is the norm.

water and light

Water is life and light is safety for the people in Zimbabwe. Clean water makes agriculture possible, which leads to food security. Electricity allows for IT education, but also for evening classes, giving prospect to a brighter future. The impact of a new borehole or solar installation ripples out within communities.


Listed below are several projects you can contribute to. This can be done by personal contribution, fundraiser or sponsoring. Any and all donations are welcome. For more information, please contact us.

criteria and reports

All funds will benefit the people in Zimbabwe directly. Every project that Mpilo Foundation undertakes has to fulfill four criteria: they have to be small-scale, sustainable, rely on local involvement, and have to be visited annualy to guarantee continuity. Every completed project will be summarized in a report, accounting for how the funds have been spent and who have benefited from it.

solar kit


Light is of great importance to the people in Zimbabwe. It protects villagers from wild animals and allows them to charge mobile phones. A solar kit also eliminates the need for kerosine, which is dangerous and unhealthy.

Solar kits provide light in the dark, and light means safety.

A donation of €100  provides
villagers in Zimbabwe with
one solar kit. This impacts the village in a positive way. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

water survey


Before any borehole can be drilled, it is necessary to carry out a water survey. The purpose of the survey is to locate a site with the highest chance of finding groundwater.

For every new borehole, this preporatory step is essential.

A donation of €300  allows Mpilo Foundation to request a water survey near one of the villages or schools that need a borehole. Your donation will contribute greatly towards this goal.



Many of the boreholes in Zimbabwe are old and have fallen in disrepair. They were useful in the past but are now working poorly or not at all. This means women have to fetch water somewhere else, usually far away.

Rehabilitation of these boreholes once again provides the villagers with a water source nearby.

A donation of €2,000  covers the cost of assessment, materials and labor for rehabilition of a borehole. Many villagers and learners will benefit because of it.



After surveying has been done, a hole has been drilled, pipes have been installed and the trucks have left, there is one important last step: installation of a bush pump, a reliable and durable pump.

A pump also requires an apron and runoff, and fencing to prevent animals from contaminating the water. All in all, it involves a lot to install a pump.

A donation of €3,500  funds the purchase, installation and additional resources of one bush pump, providing Zimbabweans with clean water for many years to come.

complete borehole


The ultimate goal of Mpilo Foundation is to provide completely functional boreholes where they are needed. Where there is no borehole to rehabilitate, it requires the effort to realise a new borehole.

This process involves carrying out a water survey, purchasing materials, acquiring the services of a drilling company and, finally, installing a pump. This is a costly operation.

A donation of €8,000  allows Mpilo Foundation to impact lives in a way that is hard to imagine. The time it will save, the opportunities it provides, and the sense of ownership and independence that come from it are hard to put into words. Your donation will be more than appreciated!

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Donation by direct bank transfer can be made to IBAN NL98 RABO 0331 8112 35 in the name of Stichting Mpilo Foundation.

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four criteria for sustainability

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We always visit a project beforehand to establish need and necessity. We also look at the transparency and stability of the project organization.

Asset 2


We don’t give money, but we support projects with sustainable solutions for water and electricity, using solar energy.

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local involvement

We prefer to work with local suppliers for the facilities. We also provide local guidance on implementation.

Asset 4

annual visits

We return to our projects every year. We discuss progress together with the local organization. We remain involved for 3 to 5 years.

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