AFAS Foundation supports Mpilo Foundation and finances the Sibangani project

In the Lupane district, in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, lies the remote village called ‘Sibangani’.
About 180 families (about 1800 people) live in Sibangani. The village is confronted with a water crisis and urgently needs help. The only source of water at the moment is the pool with surface water (as opposed to groundwater), which is approximately 3 meters deep, but this water is a health hazard. The water from this pool is not covered, but the villagers continue to use it because there is no other water source nearby.

The school, Sibangani Primary School, has more than 300 students aged 4-13. There is one well with hand pump, close to the school, which hardly gives enough water for the students. There is no water for the orchard and the vegetable garden of the school. The students also cannot receive education in these applications of water. The villagers, 2-3 km from the school, can sometimes get water here with the permission of the school. The law prohibits livestock and other animals from using water from a school’s well.

The AFAS Foundation now makes it possible to drill for water in May 2019. Drilling for water is done by a drilling company from Bulawayo. Mpilo Foundation is present when drilling for water. If water is found during drilling at the locations of the positive soil surveys (according to the hydrogeologist the chance of success is> 90%), a Zimbabwe Bush Pump is installed and every homestead (household) must deposit an amount in a money box for maintenance, managed by the established water committee in conjunction with the Councilor (District Councilor). In the event of problems, the Councilor is called in. Mpilo Foundation visits the project annually for a period of 3-5 years. Expected result. The villagers have access to sufficient and safe water.

The school has sufficient and safe water for all students and teaching staff. The students receive education in WaSH (water, sanitation, hygiene) and also in the installation and irrigation of a vegetable garden. In addition, the villagers can finally start irrigating the fields and vegetable gardens. No malnutrition and no cholera. Poverty decreases and the standard of living rises.

For a video impression of our visit to the village of Sibangani, November 2018, visit:

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