Zamanyoni School

Small solar installation for Zamanyoni Primary School. Borehole (with pump) for Zamanyoni Primary School and Zamanyoni Village (Matabo district)
people to benefit 700
Location: Matabeland, Zimbabwe

Zamanyoni School

The school and the village are approximately 100 km away, south of Bulawayo. The school is located at a distance of kilometers from the main road and has around 300 learners (together with the Secondary School 700 learners). For water, the school depends on the Shashani River, a few hundred meters away. During the dry season, water must be collected with a “scots cart” a few kilometers away. The school has no electricity, but the infrastructure for 1 room; there are power lines and fittings are fitted with lamps in it. The school can occasionally “borrow” a generator.

Mpilo Foundation has done “surveys” and found 2 “positive sites” close to the school, just outside the school grounds.Mpilo Foundation is also considering a small solar installation. The law prescribes education in the field of ICT. Electricity during the day is then a condition. Adult education in the evenings is also a wish here.

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