Two Primary Schools


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Installing a Bush Pump for Whitewater Primary and a solar installation for Mkhombo Primary

Two Primary Schools

A Bush Pump for Whitewater Primary and a Solar Installation for Mkhombo Primary

Back in 2016, we visited Whitewater Primary School, about 60km south of Bulawayo, for the first time. After a repeat visit at the end of 2018, the school’s substitute headmaster indicated that the current water resources were lacking and asked Mpilo Foundation for help. In the meantime, Bulawayo-based charity Mother Africa Trust, has funded a water survey and the drilling of a hole. However, due to lack of funds, a Bush Pump has not been installed. Mpilo Foudation would like to finance the installation of a pump.

The predicament of Mkhombo Primary School came to our attention through Alestar Moyo. Alestar had been transferred as headmaster to Mkhombo from his previous position at Sibangani, a village where Mpilo Foundation realised the installation of two pumps in 2019. The charity organisation World Vision had offered Mkhombo to donate two laptops and thirty tablets. A generous offer, but unfortunately, the school does not have any electricity at the moment. Alestar has reached out to Mpilo Foundation to help provide a solar installation for electricity.

Two Schools, One Project

In July of 2020, we were contacted by a couple that wanted to make a donation on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. The donation happened to cover the costs of the two projects mentioned, with any unforeseen costs being covered by Mpilo Foundation. We are very grateful for this donation, that allows us two help these two schools. A great result, owed to this couple’s generosity, the two headmasters’ persistence and the continued efforts of three different charities.


A bush pump has succesfully been installed at Whitewater Primary School. The work, started by Mother Africa Trust has been completed, providing clean and safe drinking water to the learners and the staff.

The project at Mkhombo Primary School is also finished. The solar installation allows the school to teach IT, which is of great benefit to all the learners attending.

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