Repairing pumps and drilling boreholes in Hurungwe


Hurungwe, Zimbabwe

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Corona prevention project in Hurungwe, Zimbabwe. A joint project between Mpilo Foundation and Wilde Ganzen

Repairing pumps and drilling boreholes in Hurungwe

Corona prevention project in Hurungwe, Zimbabwe. Joint project of Mpilo Foundation and Wilde Ganzen

This project, repairing water pumps and drilling boreholes focuses on rural villages in the district of Hurungwe, North Zimbabwe. Women have to walk up to 8 kilometers to get water. Sometimes there is a water hole or riverbed closer, but this surface water must be boiled before it can be drunk or used for food preparation.

At the scarce water pumps, the women come together and line up. They share pumps, wells, pools in riverbeds and the other limited water resources that may exist. The risk of transmission of the coronavirus in these locations is therefore high. Increasing the number of available water resources for a community increases access to safe water and reduces the risk of corona infection


As planned, pumps have been repaired in seven villages and Bush Pumps have been installed in two villages. Owing to these efforts, more than 3000 people have been supplied with access to clean water. Alongside the pump maintenance, a Hand Washing Project has been carried out. In preventing the spread of Covid-19, personal hygiene is crucial. Hand washing is an essential part of this, which is why the women at the pumps of these nine villages, along with six other villages, have been instructed and informed on the importance of washing hands. Similar projects have been carried out in Matabeleland.

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