Rehabilitation in Umguza District


Umguza District, Matabeleland

number of people to benefit

3,290 inhabitants

project description

Phase one of a project rehabilitating 28 boreholes: 12 boreholes in Umguza District.

Rehabilitation in Umguza District

Proceeding from the successful pilot project funded by the AFAS Foundation, Mpilo Foudation aims to continue the rehabilitation of boreholes. These boreholes have proven their worth in the past, precluding the need for surveys or drilling. This is not only financially advantageous, but it also allows us to evaluate projects from home, by employing qualified local contacts in Zimbabwe. With the ongoing corona pandemic, travelling to Zimbabwe to visit potential new project has been hard or even impossible. Visiting and evaluating new projects is one of our core values. In cases where only rehabilitation is required, evaluation and execution can be performed by our local contacts. With this project, it will be Belinda Malandu and Gift Sanyamahwe carrying out the work and allowing Mpilo Foundation to continue aiding the people in Zimbabwe.

This project will be phase one of a larger project. Our first goal is to rehabilitate 12 boreholes in the Umguza District, benefiting over 3,000 people. The villages in question are Galetas, Thuthukani, Twenty Ezidakeni, Majindane diptank Maraposa, Majindane village 3 Maraposa, Majindane village 4 Maraposa, Dwaleni Ematankeni, Deli village 6B Thokozani, Deli village 6A, Bhudasiyazama en Redwood village 1A.


This project has been carried out in July and August of 2021, and the execution largely went according to plan. Some boreholes could not be rehabilitated, however. The Galetas borehole could not be reached, due to flooding and the resulting soft terrain. The borehole for Majindane Village 4 was blocked by tree roots, and the Bhuda Siyzama borehole was still working partly, which led to the decision to rehabilitate the borehole in Sikweya instead, which had suddenly stopped working. This results in 10 boreholes being restored in total, rather than the 12 that were planned. The number of people to benefit is 2546, which is fewer than we had hoped, but a good result, nonetheless.

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