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Rehabilitating 14 boreholes


Hurungwe District, Mashonaland

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Providing clean water for 20 communities in the Hurungwe District

Rehabilitating 14 boreholes

This project aims to provide 20 communities in the Hurungwe District in Mashonaland with clean drinking water. The 14 boreholes (of which some are shared) are situated at Alpha Village, November Village, Papa Village, Tango Village, Kilo Village, Village 32B, Chipfuko Village, Kapare Village (shared with Kashumba village), Echo A Village, Village 22B, Chisauka Village (shared with Kapoko and Kawangu Village), Village 28, Village 24A and Juliet Village.

A new borehole will be realised for Huyo Secondary School, Bravo VillageĀ en Lima Village.

Having access to clean water is of great importance:

  • Less disease due to contaminated water from ponds and streams;
  • Women and girls (who are usually responsible for fetching water) will be burdened less and will have more time for education or generating income from agriculture and livestock;
  • Agriculute will see better results due to irrigation, which will improve food security;
  • Lower cattle mortality, which is an important source of income.

Mpilo Foundation will be present during a substantial part of this project’s execution. Afterwards, we will strive to follow up on this project, visiting annually for up to a maximum of five years.


This project has been executed in the summer of 2021. Like with other projects from 2020 and 2021, we were unfortunately unable to be there in person for the execution. However, our contacts and associates in Zimbabwe have delivered excellent work, all the while keeping us informed of progress and problems. Our original goal was to rehabilitate 14 boreholes and drill three new ones. For the most part, we have succeeded. Rehabilitation of the boreholes in November Village, Kilo Village, Village 28, Village 24A and Juliet Village proved to be impossible, however. For Village 28, a new borehole has been drilled. And luckily, we had the chance to add three village to the list of boreholes to be rehabilitated: Village 27B, Village 24B and Village 30A. A total of 16 villages have benefited from either rehabilitation or installation of a new borehole.

Get Wet Drilling Services has evaluated, prepared and executed all the work. Prior to execution, all communities had been visited to evaluate the possibility, costs and resources needed for habilitation. The importance of this preparatory work has once again been made clear to us. We are happy with the results of this project, and even though some villages could not have their borehole rehabilitated, over 10,000 people, of which almost 6,000 are children, have been provided with clean and safe water.

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