Pilot: Solar Installations for Two Primary Schools

Pilot for installing solar installations at Sibangani Primary School and Maraposa Primary School
people to benefit 2000+
Location: Sibangani & Maraposa

Pilot: Solar Installations for Two Primary Schools

In 2019, the AFAS Foundation has supported our project of installing two pumps in Sibangani village. This project was successfully completed and we have kept in contact with the Sibangani community. As a follow-up, we would like to support the school by providing electricity through solar power and donating several laptops. We would like to do the same for other schools that we have visited. Many schools do not have access to electricity, even though Zimbabwe’s government requires schools to teach IT. Access to electricity allows schools to teach during evening hours, which is essential in offering adult education and improving literacy. The laptops provided have educational software pre-installed.

The AFAS Foundation has agreed to the installation of a solar installation at Sibangani Primary School and one at Maraposa Primary School.

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