Marapaso Village (cluster of 4)

A borehole (with pump) for Maraposa Village, a cluster of 4 villages
people to benefit 500
Location: 65 km north of Bulawayo

Marapaso Village (cluster of 4)

Maraposa is located 65 km north of Bulawayo and 11 km from the A8 (Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road). Four villages in Ward 17 have, after mutual consultation, submitted a request to the Mpilo Foundation for a water pump. On average the women have to walk 8-9 km to fetch water. With 1 water pump in the centre of the area, the average distance has been reduced to 3-4 kilometres.

These are the following villages: Ntuthuko village (125 people), Qhubekani village (130 people), Thula village (123 people), Zidakeni village (126 people). In total it concerns around 500 people. The villages are located in Ward 17, Umguza district. The Councillor is Mr. Loit Ncube. The driving force is village head Mrs. Sibusiso Giyani.

In May 2019, the Mpilo Foundation conducted a “survey” (soil investigation of water) and found a “positive site”. Drilling for water will take place in April / May 2020. The expected result: enough and safe (drinking) water for around 500 people.

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