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Banket, Zimbabwe

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Water supply and storage is needed for Kidzone Preschool in Banket, Zimbabwe

Kidzone Preschool

The driving force behind the ECD Kidzone is mrs. Maria Whitaker – van der Heiden. ECD means Early Childhood Development. ECD-A are the 4-year-olds. ECD-B are the 5-year-olds.

Maria writes about ECD Kidzone:

We have 37 Kids in the age group 4-5 doing ECD-A (about 5 or them are a little) younger) and 37 kids in the age group 5-6 years doing ECD-B. In the Grade 1 class we have 13 children. Children in the early childhood stage learn mainly through play. Our children enjoy music and it gives them so much joy. Everything they learn, we put it into music and it sticks in their minds. We teach them about children’s rights, morals, love and family, national events, HIV and AIDS (Todii is a song by Oliver Mutukudzi) and different themes that can be found in the syllabus.

Maria has plans to build a primary school (Junior School – Primary School). She has succeeded in buying the land for it. A good water supply is required for the primary school. A well with a (solar) pump and sufficient water storage.

Mpilo Foundation has offered to fundraise for the (Solar) Pump on the Primary School site.

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