Hotel Village

Water supply for Hotel Village and neighbouring villages in Hurungwe District, Zimbabwe.
people to benefit 5000
Location: Hurungwe, Zimbabwe

Hotel Village

In the district of Hurungwe, in the north of Zimbabwe, lies the village with the special name ‘Hotel Village’. Approximately 700 people live in the village. There is no electricity. There is no water. To get water, women and children must walk 5 km.

If it turns out that there is enough water, other villages (including Murimbika Village, India Village, Waterpoint 15) can also be supplied with water. In total, more than 3000 people would have a good water supply.‚Äč

To determine where water wells (with pump) can be realized, soil research (surveys) takes place at five locations. The surveys will be done in November 2018 by hydrogeologist Wiston Mabika. The surveys must provide an answer to the question of whether water in the ground is present in the soil and the amount of water present at the predetermined locations (including maps and soil characteristics). In general it can be said that in this part of the Hurungwe district the soil condition for finding water is not optimal. The execution of one survey costs about USD 800, while the costs per survey decrease to USD 400 when five surveys are conducted.

Depending on the outcomes, it is determined at how many locations are drilled to water. This is done by Eberhard Services Harare (director Mr. Richard Bridges) in April / May 2019. If water is found at a borehole and a water pump (Bush Pump or Rope & Washer Pump) can be installed, each household will contribute a small amount (USD $ 3) for the maintenance of the pump.

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