Follow Up Rehabilitation


Matobo district, Matabeleland

number of people to benefit

1,183 inhabitants (not including clinic)

project description

Follow up to the pilot project for rehabilitation of non- or poorly working boreholes, funded by Impazz Maintain.

Follow Up Rehabilitation

Due to the corona pandemic that started in 2020, we were unable to travel to Zimbabwe to visit and evaluate potential projects. To continue aiding people in Zimbabwe, Mpilo Foundation decided to employ local contacts to rehabilitate non- or poorly working boreholes. These boreholes have already proven their worth in the past, which made it possible to have the feasibility and costs of rehabilitation evaluated by one of our associates in Zimbabwe, allowing Mpilo Foundation to remotely provide clean water. The pilot project stemming from these plans was very succesful.

As a follow up to that project and funded by Impazz Maintain, Mpilo Foundations plans to rehabilitate five additional boreholes in the Matobo district, south of Bulawayo. The boreholes in question are located in Phakama Village, Mgadla Village, Manzana Village, Umthwentwe Village and Ekukhanyeni Clinic. Succesful rehabilitation of the clinic’s borehole is not certain, as it is a 72 meter deep hole. A hand pump (such as the Zimbabwe Bush Pump) is not workable at that depth. A submersible pump might provide a solution, but it would require electricity to operate.


This project has been carried out in May and June of 2021. The Phakama, Mgadla, Manzana and Umthwentwe boreholes have been successfully rehabilitated by Belinda Malandu and two DDF (District Development Fund, a department tasked with the development and maintenance of water supplies) employees. The Phakama borehole was blocked by tree roots, the pipes were rusty and the apron was poorly constructed. Mgadla turned out to have old pipes stuck in the borehole, which needed to be removed before rehabilitation. For Umthwentwe, additional pipes were installed to deepen the borehole, hopefully allowing water to be pumped during dry seasons.

The borehole for Ekukhanyeni Clinic carried with it some history and uncertainty. In an earlier project, the clinic had been supplied with a new borehole. However, this borehole, is off-premises. Because there were some indications that a borehole closer to the clinic contained water, it was added to this Impazz Maintain funded project to undergo a capacity test. Unfortunately, the test showed the amount of water to be insufficient to be used as a reliable source of water. As an alternative solution, we looked into the possibility of constructing a system of pipes from the existing borehole at 180 meter distance to the clinic. This proved not to be possible, however.

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