Accelerated construction of three boreholes


Mgadla Village, Matobo district, Matabeleland

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Accelerated construction of three boreholes to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Accelerated construction of three boreholes

Accelerated construction of three boreholes. Made possible by the AFAS Foundation.

The village of Mgadla is located in the Matobo district in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. The nearly 1,000 villagers live in a wide area. That is why during our last visit we had not one, but two ‘water surveys’ done for this village. During the lockdown, we managed to get permission to drill for water. This was achieved thanks to the support of the Member of Parliament for the district and the chairman of the district council.

However, the first borehole on April 10 was dry, at a depth of 60 meters. A great disappointment. The second borehole on April 25 was exceptionally good: 30,000 liters of water per hour! A great boost for the villagers.

The third drilling will follow late April in the village of Maraposa.


The third drilling, which took place on April 30th 2020 in the village of Maraposa, has been successful: the site provides 4000 liters of water per hour. A week after drilling, a Zimbabwe Bush Pump was installed. However, because the water level lies 68 meters below the surface, the pump installed did not work as it should. Zimbabwe Bush Pumps work well for a water level up to 60 meters below the surface, and it took six women to successfully pump water with the current pump, which runs the risk of breaking the rods. In coordination with Craig Goby, the village head, the school head and the villagers, the decision was made to install a Solar Pump in place of the Bush Pump. Shortly after the third drilling in Maraposa, Bulawayo Boreholes (Craig Goby) proposed to drill in Semukeleni. This made sense, because Maraposa village is situated 10km deep in the wilderness en route to Semukeleni village, 15km further down. Rather than driving the 20 tonne truck back to Bulawayo only to come back later for drilling, it was decided to proceed with the fourth drilling, in Semukeleni, which is one of the eigth planned sites for boreholes in the project. This drilling also proved to be successful, providing 2200 liters of water per hour. Installation of a Bush Pump has been initiated on May 15th.

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