An emergency job for Dundubala primary school

On the morning of May 10, we realized an emergency rehabilitation in collaboration with Cold Queen (Pvt) Ltd.
people to benefit 250 students and 15 teachers
Location: Dundubala Primary School

An emergency job for Dundubala primary school

On 6 May, primary schools in Zimbabwe started the new semester for teaching staff. On 8 May, the new semester started for the students. Our project manager Gift received word on 7 May that the water pump at Dundubala primary school had stopped working. A disaster for the 250 pupils and 15 teachers.

In November 2020, Mpilo Foundation installed a solar system for Dundubala primary school and gave four laptops and a printer. Thanks to a project funded by the AFAS Foundation. The school already had a well.

On 8 May, the Mpilo Foundation board decided to do an emergency rehabilitation of the non-working well and pay for it from general funds. After all, there was no time to write a project plan and start raising funds.



On 8 May in the evening, the contract was awarded to Cold Queen (Pvt) Ltd, with whom we have had a good relationship for years, and on 10 May early in the morning, the team with Phindu and Thulani was present and working on the rehabilitation. In the professional manner we know of the team, the rehabilitation was carried out in a few hours.

Cold Queen (Pvt) Ltd is our supplier of the Zimbabwe Bush Pumps, among others. And we often engage the Cold Queen (Pvt) Ltd team for the rehabilitations we do in-house. The school’s deputy headmaster, Mr Maphosa, was there, along with 5 other teachers.

After rehabilitation, we did “our” Capacity Test: In 40 seconds a 20 litre bucket full. So in 60 seconds the water yield is 30 litres i.e. 1800 litres per hour. An excellent well. The 250 students and the 15 teaching staff and some households around the school have access to sufficient clean drinking water again.

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