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Zimbabwe this Week

Zimbabwe this Week

Week 2

Some Zimbabweans Fear Violence Will Taint Upcoming Elections

Zanu PF, CCC ‘trade blows’

Turkiye, Zim seek to deepen bi-lateral, trade relations | The Herald (state owned)

Zim, Iran deepen cultural relations | The Herald (state owned)

Prolonged health workers’ strikes now illegal | The Herald (state owned)

Zimbabwe's economic crisis | Ordinary people going hungry

Zim not ready for elections: CiCZ

Beitbridge-Byo, Vic Falls highway rehab begins | The Herald (state owned)

Time goes backwards in Zimbabwe – Cathy Buckle

Strengthened cooperation with China supports Zim’s socio-economic development | The Herald (state owned)

Free education ‘political banter’: Analysts

Zimbabwe highest on food price inflation globally says World Bank

Week 1

2022: An eventful year for health sector

Majority facing critical food shortages: Fewsnet

Zimbabwe: Bumper wheat harvest, but government owes farmers millions of USD

Nationwide teachers’ strike looms as schools set to reopen

Feature: Analysts predict gloom, doom for Zim in 2023

‘Poverty fuels teen pregnancies’

Export ban means Chinese firms will have to build plants in Zimbabwe to process lithium | The Herald (state owned)

Potraz establishes over 1000 computer labs in schools

Zim's 2022 human development ranking very low

Early marriage and its devastating effects

Week 52

Hospitals crumble as blackouts mount...‘Constitutional rights violated’...ICU patients placed in grave danger

Christmas, without the cheer

Byo motorists complain over potholes

Boreholes project to boost Matabeleland water supply | The Herald (state owned)

20 years of sewage nightmare for Luveve families... councillors propose relocation for long-suffering residents

Electoral reforms a pipe dream: Analysts

Will a currency clearing deal with China help Zimbabwe?

Govt rips-off mining firm of millions of US dollars in diamond deal

US dollar use becoming more pronounced

Controversial Gukurahundi operation continues to stir up tension in Zimbabwe

Parastatals: Zim’s perennial financial blackholes

Xmas barter deals…hard hit consumers sell off assets to buy food
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