In the Netherlands, we are concerned about the coronavirus and rightly so. As of October 20, 2020, over 41 million people have tested positive and more than 1 million people have died from COVID-19 disease.

In Zimbabwe, out of the 8187 people who have so far tested positive, 233 have died. The most important thing is to prevent a corona infection. That is why we use measures such as ‘1.5 meters social distancing’ and ‘washing hands’.
In Zimbabwe, women and girls often have to walk for miles to fetch water. Can we imagine that, while we have several water taps in our houses? Because the biggest corona outbreak is yet to come in Zimbabwe and preventive measures are the most important, Mpilo Foundation took action. Water is very important in the fight against corona.

Zimbabwe has been in lockdown (a new word to us, which we all know now) since March 30. That means people should stay at home and not travel together with more than two people. Drilling companies are not allowed to drive to places where drilling is required.

Projects to prevent and minimize the spread of covid-19

Hand Washing Project
Instructions and guidance on the importance of washing hands to prevent the spread of Covid-19
Accelerated construction of three boreholes
Accelerated construction of three boreholes to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
Repairing pumps and drilling boreholes in Hurungwe
Corona prevention project in Hurungwe, Zimbabwe. A joint project between Mpilo Foundation and Wilde Ganzen

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Light and Safety for Hotel Village
Electricity for Pelandaba Skills Centre
Pilot: Solar Installations for Two Primary Schools
Two Primary Schools
Hand Washing Project

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Accelerated construction of three boreholes
Repairing pumps and drilling boreholes in Hurungwe
One clinic, two schools and three villages
Marapaso Village (cluster of 4)
Kidzone Preschool
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