The corona pandemic is still onging in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. As of writing, October 2021, over 237 million people have tested positive and almost 5 million people have died from COVID-19 disease.

In Zimbabwe, out of over 131,000 people who have so far tested positive, more than 4,600 have died. Preventing corona infections is of vital importance. That is why we use measures such as social distancing and washing hands. Clean water is essential in corona prevention.

In Zimbabwe, women and girls often have to walk for miles to fetch water. Hard to imagine, when most of us have several faucets near to turn on whenever we want. Because of the ongoing corona pandemic in Zimbabwe and the importance of clean water for preventive measures, Mpilo Foundation has started to take action in the spring of 2020.

Projects to prevent and minimize the spread of covid-19

Hand Washing Project
Instructions and guidance on the importance of washing hands to prevent the spread of Covid-19
Accelerated construction of three boreholes
Accelerated construction of three boreholes to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
Repairing pumps and drilling boreholes in Hurungwe
Corona prevention project in Hurungwe, Zimbabwe. A joint project between Mpilo Foundation and Wilde Ganzen

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Rehabilitating 14 boreholes
Pilot: 6 boreholes
Murimbika Village
Electricity for seven schools
Clean water for Matabeleland

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Light and Safety for Hotel Village
Pilot: Solar Installations for Two Primary Schools
Two Primary Schools
Accelerated construction of three boreholes
Repairing pumps and drilling boreholes in Hurungwe
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